All fittings and water appliances within a house or commercial building must have a water trap in the waste pipe in order to prevent insects, bacteria, and odors from entering your property. Although there are several different types of traps out there, all of them use the same principle, which is to maintain a body of water between the upper part of the drain (the sink) and the lower part of the drain (the sewage system). Choosing the right type of trap often depends on the style of your sink and the architecture of your drainage system.

The “P” trap
This trap allows for easy removal of the container without disturbing the pipework. This makes cleaning and maintenance very easy. The only downside of this water trap is that it requires a considerable amount of space underneath the sink.

The “S” trap
Just like the “P” trap, this trap can be easily removed in order to clean it. It offers even better protection against odors and insect infiltration. The only problem is that they too require a fair amount of space underneath the sink.

The “Bottle” trap
This is a very common type of trap. It contains a container where the water is kept. This container can be easily removed for cleaning. The trap does not require too much space underneath the sink.

No matter what type of trap you choose, you must know that they all require regular cleaning. If you don’t know how to clean a trap, then you can hire a local drain cleaner for help. They can also perform a brief test on your system in order to determine its condition.

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