Advice from a Plumbing and Drain Service on Sulphuric Acid

Sulphuric acid drain cleaners can be quite effective, when cleaning a blocked drain, however, this product can be extremely hazardous too. It is relatively easy to use, easily available in diluted concentrations, and is able to chemically break down most materials, in addition to generating heat to melt clogs.

But, it also gives off noxious fumes, can be very corrosive, can cause some serious damage should it make contact with your skin, and in some severe cases cause death if it not be properly handled. When sulphuric acid drain cleaner is used in accordance to all the recommended safety guidelines, then most of the worries that are linked with using this product can be laid to rest, but, there are always some factors which are unknown or beyond a persons control which may cause a disaster.

One of the biggest advantages with using sulphuric acid drain cleaners, is it can remove almost any blockages, with the exception of extremely heavy ones, which are due to inorganic materials. This product does not call for any special training, due to the fact it will simply be poured down a drain, and then left to work. A cleaner that has a sulphuric acid base can also be convenient and economical, due to the fact any leftovers can be stored away to use at a later date, and can be applied to every drain that is reachable without needing tools.

However, there are several disadvantages with using this particular drain cleaner. The biggest being sulphuric acid is highly toxic, and can emit harmful fumes the minute it is exposed to the atmosphere. These fumes do cause severe irritation to ones eyes, and could even burn the tissue within a persons nose and lungs should it be inhaled too deeply. The fumes will also linger in a room, until it has been completely flushed from the drain, so good ventilation is needed at all times. Should you be unsure or not too confident with using this product, it is advisable to call in a professional plumbing and drain service.

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