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Choosing between a Plumbing Repair Service and a Complete Plumbing Replacement Project

Bathroom plumbing is prone to damage. Between toilet flushes, showers, baths, and the constant use of the sink, your plumbing system will eventually fail. Knowing when that time may be can help you save a great deal of money. Sometimes, a plumbing repair service may fix the issue; however, there are cases when you’d be better off with a brand new plumbing system. Here re several signs that your bathroom plumbing needs to be replaced.

Faulty or outdated hardware
If you notice rust and metal chips in the water stream, then you my need to replace your bathroom’s hardware. Not only can worn out hardware make your bathroom look outdated, but it can also cause health problems. Rust and metal chips in the water stream can lead to poisoning or other severe health problems.

Obvious water issues
Faulty waterlines or leaks can also indicate the fact that you need new plumbing. If water is pooling on your bathroom floor every time you have a shower or water dribbles out around your fixtures when you use them, then you may need a bathroom plumbing upgrade. However, before you make any decisions on your own, consult a professional plumbing repair service provider.

Poor water volume
Over time, steel pipes start to corrode and their diameter narrows. This usually leads to a decrease in the volume of water that comes out of the fixture. So, if the water in your faucet or shower doesn’t come out at full blast, then you may need to replace the pipes in your bathroom.

Water quality problems
If your water comes out rusty or it smells like rotten eggs, then you may have a problem with your water heater. Most water heaters are equipped with rods known as “sacrificial anodes”. These rods attract bacterial and corrosive elements, preventing them from entering your pipes. But, these anodes can break down over time, and as a result, the water becomes rusty and smelly. Replacing the rods may fix your problem.

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